Tail Twisting


1. The primary aim of Tail-Twisting is to create fun and promote fellowship and harmony.

2. Tail-Twisting should be confined to gatherings comprised of Members of the Lions Family.

3. No Lion should be twisted more than RM2.00 at any one function.

4. At no time should the money be paid by a Lion be announced publicly.

5. No remarks like 'leave it to your generosity'  should be made.

6. Tail-Twisting should be incisive and brief. It should be interesting to all the parties concerned including the person tail-twisted. Each tail-twisting should not last for more than 2 minutes.

7. Variety in the mode of Tail-Twisting should be encouraged.

8. A Tail-Twister can be twisted in turned, only with the unanimous consent of the gathering present.

9, The total cash collected should be announced to the gathering, before the meeting is over.

10. The Lions who are tail-twisted should be given a receipt, failing which, the Treasurer can give a receipt to the Tail-Twister for the total amount collected.

11. As the money collected is from Members of the Lions Family, it is taken into the Club's Administrative Fund. If a prior announcement, with the approval of the Club's B.O.D., is made to the gathering, the fund collected can be set aside for a specific activity or administrative like Convention Fund.

12. It is Lion Tamer's job to collect the money.


1. Make certain that the Tail-Twister knows his/her job. If you feel that improvement is desirable in his/her performance, please discuss with him/her privately, in a polite manner, any time after the function is over. Wherever possible, demonstrate the right way.

2. Make certain tht the Lion Tamer is aware of his/her duty.

3. Make certain that replacements are made, in the event the Tail-Twister and/or Lions Tamer are (is) absent.

4. Appraise yourself of the contents of the Lions Clubs International pamphlet "The Tail-Twister" (DA-702). 

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