Lions Flag Salutation

(Reading of the Lions Flag Salutation is not mandatory)

1. The 'Lions Flag Salutation' is intended for Lions to renew their pledge of loyalty to their respective nations.

2. The 'Lions Flag Salutation' cannot be equated to our National pledge of loyalty.

3. The 'Flags of Nations' should be displayed because:
a) The Lions served not only their community but the world community at large.
b) It provides opportunity for Lions from other countries to join in the pledge.
c) It foster a spirit of goodwill and understanding amongst the nations of the world.


1. The 'Lions Flag Salutation' is to be read at Lions regular business meetings.

2. The 'Flags of Nations' must be displayed prominently(for example, in front of or on the main table).

3. Before the 'Lions Flag Salutation' is read, an announcement is made as to the purpose of the reading. Suggested text of the announcement is a follows: "This is a 'Lions Flag Salutation' meant for Lions to renew their pledge to serve their nation. Guests who are non-Lions are welcome to join the pledge if they so desire.  The 'Flags of Nations' is placed ..."

4. The Lions should be upstanding facing the 'Flags of Nations'. A suggested text of the announcement as a follows:- "Fellow Lions and guests, please be upstanding and face the 'Flags of Nation' for the 'Lions Flag Salutation'."

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