Can anyone be a Lions Club President?

Any one can be a Lions club president? The question is, will you be a qualified club president.

Every president is given a book to read with clear instructions to plan and carry out his/her duties. ‘This is your year’ book is a good guide. If everyone will to follow exactly what is printed, there’s no way a president can be a weak. But, at the end of the day, there are still weak presidents.  It boils down to my question: Will you be a qualified club president?

Being a Club President is not just some title that is given to a Lion leading the club. To be one, means sacrificing the time of oneself for the betterment of the club. The Lion must build up a prestige in order to be recognized as a qualified president.

The following guidelines are worthwhile following. Note that they are not in the LCI book.

1. A club president needs to be alert and dress smartly.  

2. A club president needs to have a rapport with the membership. One must stay connected to the members. It is very important that the club president gets complete trust and faith from the club membership and to have the ability to see that the work follows through.

3. A club president must be humble and to constantly sacrifice the desires and putting the best interest of the club first. Being humble also means listen for ways to help the members in the activities.

4. A club president must be strong mentally and in decision making. Consulting the past presidents for guidance is essential.
5. A club president needs to have a positive attitude – People are attracted to a person with a positive attitude.

These are just a few tips to start with.

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